Helpman School of Continuing Studies is a specialized educational institution providing comprehensive training and certification programs in various information and communication technology areas. Our institute aims to bridge the skills gap in the rapidly evolving technology industry by equipping students with the knowledge and practical skills required to thrive in this digital era.

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With our programs, from beginner-friendly introductions to advanced specialties, we've curated a pathway to success in the tech arena.

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What We Do?

We offer a wide range of services to cater to the needs of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Training and Workshops

Conducting training sessions and workshops to educate clients on various ICT topics, software usage, cybersecurity best practices, and more.

Website & Mobile Apps Development

Creating and designing professional web and mobile apps for individuals, businesses, and organizations to establish a strong online presence.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Assisting businesses in leveraging digital technologies to improve processes, enhance customer experience, and drive innovation.

Blockchain Development and Consulting

Offering blockchain development services and advising clients on how to implement blockchain technology for various use cases.

IT Consulting

Offering expert advice and recommendations to clients regarding their IT infrastructure, hardware, software, and security needs.

Content Creation and Multimedia Services

Providing content creation services, including graphic design, video production, audio editing, and animation.


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Whether you're a technology enthusiast, aspiring professional, or entrepreneur, Helpman SCS equips you with cutting-edge skills and practical experiences to excel in the fast-paced tech landscape. Our commitment to student success shines through personalized support services, advanced resources, and a focus on real-world application.

Helpman School of Continuing Studies (Helpman SCS) is a distinguished institution dedicated to providing specialized education in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Our comprehensive programs cover a range of ICT disciplines, including computer science, programming, networking, cybersecurity, digital communication, and hands-on IT consulting experience.

Helpman SCS offers a diverse array of cutting-edge programs and courses, including computer programming, software development, web design, network administration, database management, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and an exclusive IT consulting program with internship opportunities.

Helpman SCS warmly welcomes individuals passionate about technology, computers, and digital communication. Whether you're a student aspiring to a career in IT, a professional looking to upskill or transition, an entrepreneur seeking to harness technology, or someone eager to gain hands-on IT consulting experience, Helpman SCS is your ideal destination.

Graduates of Helpman SCS possess a competitive edge in various fields, such as software development, system administration, network engineering, digital marketing, cybersecurity, data analysis, and IT consulting. Our specialized IT consulting program, combined with internship opportunities, equips graduates for success in today's rapidly evolving tech industry.

From Our Community

They are the cornerstone of our efforts. Therefore, we value commitment to learning and growth

“Enrolling at Helpman School of Continuing Studies was a game-changer. The diverse courses, especially the IT consulting program, provided both technical skills and hands-on experience. The internship bridged education and industry, and Helpman SCS made my dream IT consultancy role a reality.”

Chinonso Henry

“Helpman School of Continuing Studies turned my tech aspirations into reality. The well-structured courses, especially in network administration, prepared me for industry challenges. The IT consulting track and internship provided real-world exposure, preparing me for a successful tech career.”

Honor Michael

“Helpman School of Continuing Studies provided the perfect platform for my tech transition. The courses catered to various skill levels, and the IT consulting program and internship were invaluable. With their support, I shifted my career path and now thrive as a web developer.”

Temitope Fakirepo